Monday, June 27, 2016

Jewelers Touch at Gems N' Loans Orange County

Welcome, we're a family owned business located in Orange County, California. 

We have been proudly serving Southern California for 22 Years, while providing the community an outlet from where they can obtain financial assistance. We also like sharing and giving back to our community through volunteering and charitable donations. 

It takes 250 tons of Earth to obtain a 1.00 Carat Diamond!

Diamonds are NOT the Hardest Substance on Earth. They are the Hardest “Natural” Substance, but man-made Synthetics are Harder!

98% of all Diamonds are NOT actually White in Color!

It takes 1405 Degrees of Heat to Burn a Diamond!

The Average Diamond Size for an Engagement Ring is only .38 Carat!

Only Diamond can Scratch or Polish another Diamond!

Diamonds come in Wonderful Fancy Colors like, Pink, Blue, Green, Champagne, Black, Chocolate, Yellow, Red, Gray, and even Purples!

Diamonds have Less Brilliance, Sparkle and Fire than a man-made Cubic Zirconia (CZ) has.
Diamonds can Chip or Break with a good blow to the Edge of the Diamond.
Diamonds do NOT Float in Water!

 That’s why Diamonds are often found in River Beds!

Some Diamonds can actually Glow-In-The-Dark! (Known as Fluorescence)!

The Largest Diamond in the World is the Cullinan Diamond weighing 3,106 Carats! Wow!

Diamonds have a Refractive Index of 2.42
Diamond Brilliance is White Sparkles of light coming from the Diamond!

Diamond Fire is Colored Sparkles of light coming from the Diamond!

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